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citybike Corporate & Business Membership
citybike Corporate & Business Membership allows businesses in Liverpool to save money on city business travel and reduce their carbon footprint by using citybike.
Membership allows you, through your business, to offer your workforce use of citybike for business travel across Liverpool. You can also, if you wish, allow employees to use citybike for commuting to and from work or for leisure purposes outside work.
Call 0151 233 3002 or email now to register for citybike Corporate & Business Membership.
An hour of citybike time usually costs just £1, with most journeys across Liverpool taking less than 60 minutes, a significant saving compared to running pool cars or hiring taxis.
But for every pound you put into your citybike Corporate & Business membership, we put £1 in too, reducing the hourly cost to just 50p – saving you even more.
A green alternative to company pool cars for business journeys within Liverpool, using citybike can also benefit employee health.
For full details on how the scheme operates, click on the link below:
citybike recommends, for personal safety and comfort, that employees are encouraged to use cycle helmets and hi-visibility jackets. This is not however a legal requirement and citybike does not provide these.

"We absolutely love it!

The scheme is a really attractive benefit to our employees as many of them travel from various parts of Liverpool and the North West to work everyday, so having the bike stations at Central, Moorfields and Lime Street is brilliant.

Also a lot of our younger employees who live city centre/sefton park use it as their daily mode of transport to and from work.   As an employer its extremely cost effective as they match our top ups and the process is really easy and straight forward.

Couldn't be more pleased really!"

-- Lucid Games