Do I need to register every time I wish to cycle?

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Can I use the bikes without my PIN ?

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How does the electric engine work and what are the motor profiles in the app?

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My e-bike turned off while cycling, what should I do?

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What is citybike ?

citybike is a 24 hour on-street bike-sharing scheme, providing pedal and electric bicycles for hire to residents and visitors from a number of automated stations across Liverpool city centre and the surrounding area.

How can I register?

The easiest way is to download and install the freebike app on your phone. Decide whether you want to rent a pedal bike or an e-bike then choose the correct tariff. Complete the registration page, add your payment card details and make a £1 payment. You will then receive your login number and PIN. You can also register on our website by clicking the register button in the top right-hand corner.

How can I rent a bike?

It’s easy! Once registered, key in your login number and PIN at any of the stations and select a bike to rent. You will be given a combination lock code for the bike, remember this for your bike ride then walk over to the bike you have selected and press the flashing button on the station lock to release the bike (you do not use the combination lock code to release a bike from a station). If you are renting an e-bike you can also open the app, press “rent bike”, scan the QR code on the back of the bike then press the flashing button on the station to release the bike. If the QR code is not working on the e-bike, you can enter the bike number by clicking on the pen icon in the top right hand corner on the QR code screen, you will need to include all four digits for the bike number. When you have released the e-bike from the station, make sure to press the brake lever twice to active it.

How many bikes can I rent?

You can rent two bikes per Daily membership; each bike will be charged the £1 unlock fee and the correct tariff for the bike you select (pedal or e-bike). Annual members can rent two bikes per membership.

Where are the bikes located?

Have a look on our map which shows a live view of all our stations and which bikes are where.

How long can I take a bike for ?

When you rent a bike you must return the bike within 24 hours. We will contact the renters of any unreturned bikes and will consider a bike stolen if it is not returned to a station, or we have not been informed of its whereabouts within 48 hours.

Do I need to register every time I wish to cycle?

No, once registered you can control your account by using the app or website.

Can I use the bikes without my PIN ?

For security reasons you will need to have both your membership number and PIN number. You may change the PIN number to a 4-digit number that is more memorable for you - log into citybikeliverpool.co.uk with your customer number and PIN and you can change your PIN to something more memorable online.

When is my payment card charged?

We operate a post payment system therefore if you have rented a bike your payment card will be charged around midnight CET. If you do not wish to use the post payment feature you can top up your account via the app by selecting the balance option or on the website. For daily tariffs the £1 unlock fee is taken immediately for each bike rented.

What does part thereof mean?

It means that you pay for the full 15 minutes even if you only cycle for say 7 minutes. You cannot use any minutes remaining on a different rental. For example, if you use a pedal bike for 12 minutes you will be charged a £1 unlock fee plus 25p rental time = £1.25. If you then use another pedal bike later in the day for 26 minutes you will be charged another £1 unlock fee plus 50p rental time (two 15-minute segments at 25p each) = £1.50. The same charging applies for Annual membership but only from 30 minutes.

What if I forget my login details?

Phone us during the advertised hours on 0151 233 3002 or email us on citybike@liverpool.gov.uk and we will reset your login details.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

There is no legal requirement to wear a helmet when cycling in the UK, and unfortunately we do not provide helmets as we are unable to guarantee the safety of the helmet provided. We do however encourage you to wear a helmet if possible.

Checking rental details/trips?

You can view all your journeys and charges made online or via the app, go to My Account and click on My Activities.

How do I return a bike?

Insert the spike (pedal cycle) or flexi-spike (e-bike) at the front of the bike into any free lock at the station. You can return the bike to any station, not just the one you rented it from. If you have hired an e-bike, the lights will turn off once successfully returned.

The station is full, what do I do?

Please try to find a station which has available space using the map of stations. If you cannot find a free space, please lock the bike securely to the station itself using the combination lock and either ring us on 0151 233 3002 or email us at citybike@liverpool.gov.uk to end your hire. The bike is your responsibility until you do this.

How do I report a damaged bike?

If you find a bike that is damaged please call us on 0151 233 3002 during office hours or email citybike@liverpool.gov.uk. If you have the app you can also report faulty or damaged bikes by clicking on the triangle shape at the bottom left hand corner.

Combination Locks

Combination locks are provided with every bike in case you wish to secure the bike during your travels. The code will be given to you at the station console when you select the bike you wish to cycle on. If you have forgotten the combination lock code you can view this on the app. To open the combination lock on the pedal bike you will need to line up the four number against the small triangle shapes then push the two big silver shapes towards the numbers and the lock will pop open. To open the lock on the electric bike line up the four numbers and simply pull apart.

How does the electric engine work and what are the motor profiles in the app?

Riding an e-bike is the same as on a normal pedal bike, but once you start pedaling, the motor will help you on your way. You can choose how much electric motor support you will have whilst riding by changing your engine profile. These are viewable within the application settings. Pedaling is the easiest with the highest support because the motor helps you the most, and vice versa. This setting cannot be changed while riding. Your chosen engine profile is automatically set at the start of each journey. The electric motor turns off when you are not pedaling or braking to save energy.

My e-bike turned off while cycling, what should I do?

If your electric bike turns off while you are cycling, the battery capacity is below the critical level and the bike has switched to power-saving mode (the electric motor stops working), please return the bike to a station as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of each user to check the range of the bike before rental to ensure that it is sufficient. The user should not start a longer ride with a low range; (i.e., less than 16km) - there is a risk of an empty battery while cycling.

E-bike light colours

Red - rear light when cycling; it flashes red when braking. If you try to rent the bike and the lights go yellow, red, and then switch off, it means that the bike is not available to rent or you have insufficient credit. Purple - system update Yellow - bike is connecting to the server Green - successful start and end of the hire Blue - poor GPS/GSM signal Rainbow - bike paused

I can’t rent an e-bike

Try to rent the e-bike via the station method or close the app and restart it. If this does not work unfortunately the bike must be unavailable to rent. Please try a different bike.