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Student annual membership
Students can pick up an annual membership to citybike for a special discounted rate of £50.
It’s a quick, cheap and easy way to travel with many citybike stations near your university campus and halls of residence.
With an annual membership the first half-hour of every journey is free – so you can hop on and off as many times as you like. Simple when most trips around town can be made within 30 minutes.
The annual memberships also include ten hours citybike time for longer trips and you can top up more for £1 an hour via the website or app..
To sign up for the student membership just click on the green "Sign Up" box below.
Please note to qualify for a student membership you must be on an undergraduate or postgraduate course and have a email address.
Limited Time Promotional Voucher !!

citybike is offering students a 50% discount on annual student membership to mark the start of the new semester. Whether you’re a Fresher or you’re returning to Uni, we understand money can be tight so we have made a limited number of annual student memberships available for just £25 (price also includes a £10 credit top-up).

You still get all the great benefits of citybike membership, including the first 30 minutes of every journey free, and access to bike hire at 100 stations across Liverpool.

You should have received a voucher code from your university’s Student Services team but if not, contact them now to receive it. Then simply register online using your university email and enter the voucher code on the registration page to gain access to cycle hire for a full year for just £25.

Remember you will need a, or email address to qualify for the voucher, and also the student annual membership.



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Student Annual Membership - 1 bike
Year access fee £50 which includes a bonus credit of £10 (see below chart for price per hour or part thereof). To qualify for a student membership you must be on an undergraduate or postgraduate course and have a email address.
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